Google PIXEL 6 & 6 Pro Commerical shoot!

As more and more content is being rolled out, glad to be part of the GOOGLE PIXEL 6/6pro phone’s global release of print, presentations and commercials ..more to come! Wonderful team from NY, LA and Houston Texas.

Photographer: Deun Ivory/Producer: Unique James / Production Manager: Jasmine Williams/ Photo Assistant: Rose Akharamen/
Makeup Artist: Erica Nicole / Makeup Artist Assist: Amari Stewart /
Hair Stylist: Salma Ekambi / Hair Stylist Assist: Kenya Britton /
Wardrobe Stylist: Chasidy Billups / Wardrobe Stylist Assist: Tyler Okuns /Nail Technician: Destine Holly /Set Designer: David Landry /
Set Designer Assist: Chandrika Metivier /DJ / Vibe Curator: Joseph Strawder /
Tiana Spencer,
Trey Hall, Salma Ekambi, Mahesh Sriram,
Bria Lauren, Nanci Olebe, Chloe Robinson,
Christean Kareem, Maya Bond